A human being who wishes to live his full potential.

Although in his physical being, people identify him as Narendra Gupta, he is yet to know himself. He is on the most endearing journey, the journey within to understand this piece of life from its origin to end. He is on a mission to uplift the quality of education in rural India and raise awareness in people about things that matter to lead a happy and fulfilling life. He believes 10 minutes of meditation should be made compulsory for each student from Eighth grade onwards in every school across the globe. In the digital age, he opines there is never like before need for striking a balance between spending time on technology and nature. He is hopeful and optimistic about the future prospects of this world.

Narendra is passionate about Life, People and Books. He likes to spend time with children and believes the purity of their heart and their happiness is contagious. He considers there is no language powerful than the ones of love and compassion. Narendra’s greatest wish is to see every single child on earth get the food, education and the love they deserve. All his work in this lifetime will be centered towards promoting quality education, awareness and causes to bring social transformation.



My Mission

To uplift the quality of education in rural India and raise awareness about things that matter to live a worthy life.

My Vision

I vision of a morally, intellectually, and spiritually literate India.

My Philosophy

If you have more than you need, please share it with the ones who need it the most.

Swami Vivekananda Youth Social Development Organization 

Samastipur, India.

Swami Vivekananda Youth Social Development Organization (SVYSDO) is an organization started by 20 vibrant, highly energetic and bright youths from the remotest villages of Samastipur district in Bihar, India. Hailing from humble financial background and families with modest means, most of them still being students pursuing their higher studies, they grouped together with the intent to support each other financially in times of need. These innocent hearts had a larger mission in mind than merely supporting each other financially and that was to do something good for the betterment of society. Inspired by the heroics of their ultimate youth icon, Swami Vivekananda, they named their organization after him and laid the foundation on 17th April, 2014. They opened a Group Account with UCO Bank, Samastipur on 3rd October 2014, the day after after Gandhi Jayanti where each member would deposit a moderate amount of INR 100/- every month without fail from their pocket expenses. SVYSDO’s social development work is focused towards upliftment of education and Environmental causes in and around Samastipur district.

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Sanskriti Foundation

an upcoming organization.. 

The current education system in India is not designed for the holistic development of children. It puts a lot of un-due pressure on children with the fear of failing in exams, kills creativity, broadcasts unhealthy competition and teaches a whole lot of un-wanted things that does not help these innocent souls when they leave their houses and families to pursue higher education or even job for that matter. Sanskriti Foundation is my personal initiative to improve the quality of education in rural India, to bring smiles on faces all around and strengthen the emotional aspect of these children with emphasis on yoga and meditation along with value based education. All my major works in my lifetime will be done under this parent organization.The focus areas of Sanskriti Foundation will be:

  1. To offer a truly world class and value based education in the remotest places.
  2. To promote the importance of Yoga and meditation in every human’s Life.
  3. To raise awareness among people what it takes to lead a happy and fulfilling Life.

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A Letter to my daughter -2

A letter to my daughter ...... On completion of her second year to school      A son is a son till he gets a wife; a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life….. Irish saying My Sweetest Sanskriti, My heart is filled with pride and joy as you complete your...

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This Life is a GIFT

“I am thankful to God every day for the Gift of Life because even if I were the richest in the world, I still wouldn't afford to buy Life.”   - Gugu Mona It's been quite some time I wrote in public space. Life has changed a lot in last one year, ever since I decided...

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A Letter to my daughter

A letter to my daughter ......on completion of her first year at school   My sweetest Sanskriti, As you complete your first year at school, it just occurred to me to write a letter, a letter to celebrate your childhood, a letter to cherish your accomplishments as...

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When I was thinking of a title for this blog post what came to mind was “10 ALL-TIME MUST READ BOOKS” but then dropped this idea as it would be injustice to the sea of books that I never read. Moreover, my inner-self would not be convinced either. Rather, I chose what...

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Creating the HAPPINESS Factory

11 Habits for developing a Lifestyle of happiness . “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your actions.” – Dalai Lama, XIV     A few days ago I was watching this Ted Talk by Daniel Gilbert on The Surprising Science of Happiness.  He says that each one...

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Why we must MEDITATE?

“Greater is he (the spirit) that is in you, than he (the body) that is in the world.” -  I John 4:4, the Holy Bible   Finding Love Ever since I was a teenager two things kept coming in my life at regular intervals. One anticipated financial riches, the other promised...

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