Sanskriti Foundation

in the making …..

A Pledge

I pledge to bring smile on all your faces and this is the greatest mission of my life until my last breath.

Narendra Gupta

A Vision 

A platform where each child is provided with an environment of love, warmth, and care; where every single child is enriched with moral values (Samskaras), where they build social and emotional skills, and where lessons are taught in the most fun-filled, easy to learn and interactive way.  A platform where children are prepared to take their own decisions in the light of their own wisdom rather than living in the shadows of other people’s judgement, remaining unperturbed by what people will say.  

A temple where children are nurtured to express their creative best and inspired to be their free and unique selves away from the mindset of competition, and above all every single child evolve as a noble human being full of energy, love and purity ready to contribute to the world. A temple where there is a mix of Vedic, Yogic, and Modern education where there is no difference between the (so called) rich and the poor and each child acquires the seven heavenly virtues (Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Forgiveness, Kindness, Humility) to the core.  

As Vaclav Havel, the famous Philosopher and former President of Czech Republic said, Vision is not enough; it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs. A long journey starts..

An Inspiration

Inspired by my little angel Sanskriti, and the love and special bonding I carry for all children, with a heart to do something good for them, I launched Sanskriti Foundation on the 16th of  August, 2016 with a modest ceremony that also happens to be Princess Sanskriti’s Birthday. It is my humble, small yet profound initiative to provide quality and values based education in the remotest places, starting right from my Father’s birthplace, a tiny village called Rasalpur Baghla, about 30 kms north-west of Samastipur city in Bihar. The purpose is to transform a heavily commercialized, highly competitive and comparison based education system into a Gurukul based (like) education system.

The sole aim is to contribute in the wholistic development of each child so that they can contribute to the world in the most positive way fully living the purpose of their lives.

A Dream …..come True

This summer (2016), I spent over four weeks with some 30 plus kids in the village to understand their emotional aspects and educational needs better. I realized the importance of instilling the seed of higher aspirations in these children who otherwise settle for what their Parents or society asks them to. In the process, I organized a workshop on Dreams and explained why it is so critical to dream big. The Foundation day was marked by the august presence of my hero, my Father and his Uncle, who just happens to be 8 months older than him. On the occasion he shared, the whole purpose of life is to live with purpose and one should always be optimistic in life. Life is an opportunity to express your creative best and be of service to the mankind. 

A long Journey

Sanskriti Foundation is the biggest project of my Life and all my major work in entire lifetime will be done under this parent organization. Major challenges lies ahead on financial aspect as I am on the look-out for a dedicated piece of land to start its operations. Amid other responsibilities of family and daily life affairs, I look forward to this major mission of my life. I seek your love and blessings to make this project a success.

Come, Join hands

If you possess a similar interest and wish to serve humanity, please come and join me on this journey. For further details write to me at 

Launch video of Sanskriti Foundation