Month: August 2014

17 Greatest Human Distractions

  Your results are the product of either personal focus or personal distractions. The choice is yours.   – John Di Lemme     It’s a happy day and pure bliss for me. Friends, my elder Brother and Bhabhi jee are blessed with a baby boy. Yes, I have become Uncle once again. The new born, innocent noble soul who graced my extended family inspired me to complete this blog which I had been longing to finish for past two weeks.    Well, prior to yesterday, and for past few days I had been feeling anxious and quite restless....

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3 Powerful things to do that would bring you closer to your dreams

I hope you are in high spirits with a sound physical, emotional and spiritual health. One of the best complements I received from a friend in recent times is “Narendra, you are so happy all the time and your smile is so honest and contagious.” Friends, alongside Leadership, one of the mottos of my life is ‘to become so happy that whoever sees me also becomes happy.’ There is so much power in smiling and which is the simplest and profound formula for happiness and living a fulfilled life. You should smile for no reason and give someone a...

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