Month: August 2015

My interview with Anthony Olszewski, Founder of Jersey City Free books

Real Life Heroes Changing the world I have always been fascinated by the real life heroes vs reel life heroes. It feels quite awkward (rather sickening!) when I see people and media talking and hyping the tv and big screen so called celebrities more than required when they are just doing their job for a living like billions of other human beings. Their common acts like the food they eat, the clothes they wear, or even their personal lives occupy sections of magazines and newspapers and sometimes become a topic of debate among the young generation. Isn’t that the waste...

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7 Superb Apps for a Healthy Living

This year my focus has been on developing a super-strong inner life. In my previous blogs on self-awareness  and meditation, I discussed how self-awareness remains at the core of evolving a powerful inner life. Along with Self-awareness, self-belief, self-respect, self-care and self-development form the 5 basic elements of a firm inner life. While I will be writing more on each of these elements in my forthcoming blog posts, today I want to zero-in on ‘technology’ which plays a prominent role in our daily affairs. Our Responsibility in usage of technology Technology as Servant In this age of unending sources...

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