Month: November 2012

Day45: For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Friday, 30th Nov 2012; 10:55pm Electronic City, Bangalore I wish to have more control over short-temperedness  and anger. I was in a rage of anger over some family issue this afternoon and that small thing has been bothering me since then. I wonder how great people remain so cool and so patient even in trying circumstances, that has never been my forte. Soon I would be strategising to weed out this dirty element of my persona. After a marathon sleep last night, I started the day on a slow note. Enjoyed the fun game at the Testing Concepts training at office today where in we were given the task of building a bridge with some Newspapers following some Testing model. I was the Manager in our Team which had few Developers, Testers, and Analysts. Our team delivered a good performance with Saranya emerging as the sole hero of our project. With good knowledge and confidence she made her presence felt. She covered up for my below-average performance as a Manager(Here come another area of improvement – Public Speaking) Overall, it was a good session to attend, refreshing the testing concepts. I am thankful to my Trainer Namrata for delivering the session with eloquence. I am sick of people mainly staying outside office premises (or in close proximity), making ludicrous tricks to get money out of us, they start with...

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Day44: Clear your mind of Can’t – Samuel Johnson

Thu/Fri; 29/30th Nov 2012;6:45amElectronic City, Bangalore I had the sleep of the month. last evening, I lied down just for a small nap (at 7:30 pm)  after office hours and it turned out to be a mega sleep, could get up only a few moments ago, making it almost 11 hours of un-interrupted slumber. Kudos to me! 😛 I will skip Gym today,means will have to make it tomorrow (the 3rd and final day of the week.) Yesterday  (M-70: M2W6D18), I weighed 78.0 Kg after the workouts which means I am still in the range of 78-79 Kgs after almost 6 weeks of workout. Its (Target of 70 Kgs) not going to be easy…..  Looking forward for a day full of Learning today.. Good Morning and a Great Day to all of you.. Narendra...

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Day43 ‘ When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place ‘ – Unknown

Wednesday, 28th Nov 2012;10:30pmElectronic City, Bangalore There are few days when I feel completely hollow, less motivated and there are days when I feel at the top of the world brimming with energy, highly motivated, supremely Confident and so on. I do not know Why? Does it happen with everyone? Today was one such day, when I was not in my best. I took rest from workouts after a completely exhausting day yesterday. Sharing my thoughts through this beautiful poem: हिंमत हारा बैठा था में ! हिंमत हारा बैठा था में, पीठ फिराये भविष्य से।हार चुका था अपनी शक्ति,अपनी ही कमजोरी से ।देखा मैंने एक मकड़ी को,बार बार यूँ गिरते हुए।अपने बुने हुए जाल पे फिर भी,कंई बार जो सँभलते हुए।गिरती रही, सँभलती रही पर..बुनती रही वो अपना जाल।पुरा बन चुकने पर मकडी,जैसे हो गई हो निहाल।एक छोटी मक़्डी ने मुझ में,भर दी हिंमत कंई अपार।कुछ करने की ठान ली मैंने,अब ना रहा मैं यूँ लाचार।मक़डी ने सिखलाया मुज़को,हरदम कोशिश करते रहना।”राज़” कितनी बाधाएं आयें,हरदम कदम बढाये रहना।                                                       (-Unknown)  Good Night to Everyone!Narendra...

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Day42: “Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.” ― Hal Borland

Tuesday, 27th Nov 2012; 9:10pmElectronic City, Bangalore It’s been an engaging day. I feel so tired and exhausted now. I started the day with workout (M2W6D17) at the Gym facility in office. I am focusing more on the Cardio-vascular exercises all these days. Although, the weight-o-meter had been fluctuating in the range of 78-81 for past 5 weeks, it displayed 77 something after the workouts today, which gave me momentary delight and self-satisfaction. I thought persistence pays and it is the basic truth one should know. I joined my new assignment today though the whole day went in system config and related issues. Feeling too tired to write any more. Sharing one of my favorite poems: चलना हमारा काम है चलना हमारा काम है । गति प्रबल पैरों में भरीफिर क्यों रहूं दर दर खडाजब आज मेरे सामनेहै रास्ता इतना पडाजब तक न मंजिल पा सकूँ,तब तक मुझे न विराम है,चलना हमारा काम है । कुछ कह लिया, कुछ सुन लियाकुछ बोझ अपना बँट गयाअच्छा हुआ, तुम मिल गईकुछ रास्ता ही कट गयाक्या राह में परिचय कहूँ,राही हमारा नाम है,चलना हमारा काम है । जीवन अपूर्ण लिए हुएपाता कभी खोता कभीआशा निराशा से घिरा,हँसता कभी रोता कभीगति-मति न हो अवरूद्ध,इसका ध्यान आठो याम है,चलना हमारा काम है । इस विशद विश्व-प्रहार मेंकिसको नहीं बहना पडासुख-दुख हमारी ही तरह,किसको नहीं सहना पडाफिर व्यर्थ क्यों कहता फिरूँ,मुझ पर विधाता वाम है,चलना...

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Day41: You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life – Les Brown

Monday, 26th November 2012;9:45pmElectronic City, Bangalore I took a rest from workouts today. Attended a corporate HRD training session on Professional writing and email etiquette at office, got to learn a few nuances of email writing which I was not aware of, went back to school days (in memories) when the grammar lesson was being taught. I thank Aadi, my Trainer, for the lessons learnt, It will certainly go a long way in my career ahead. Tomorrow starts a new and a very challenging assignment. I have no clue what I will be working on. Officially for the first time I will be working in a Team Lead role. My practice Manager, Anil has assigned a bigger and much challenging role. I do not know if I will be able to meet his expectations, but one thing is for sure, I am going to give my 100 percent with a more focused, more determined Narendra. On that note, I call it a day. Good Night to all my...

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