Friday, 30th Nov 2012; 10:55pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
I wish to have more control over short-temperedness  and anger. I was in a rage of anger over some family issue this afternoon and that small thing has been bothering me since then. I wonder how great people remain so cool and so patient even in trying circumstances, that has never been my forte. Soon I would be strategising to weed out this dirty element of my persona.
After a marathon sleep last night, I started the day on a slow note. Enjoyed the fun game at the Testing Concepts training at office today where in we were given the task of building a bridge with some Newspapers following some Testing model. I was the Manager in our Team which had few Developers, Testers, and Analysts. Our team delivered a good performance with Saranya emerging as the sole hero of our project. With good knowledge and confidence she made her presence felt. She covered up for my below-average performance as a Manager(Here come another area of improvement – Public Speaking) Overall, it was a good session to attend, refreshing the testing concepts. I am thankful to my Trainer Namrata for delivering the session with eloquence.
I am sick of people mainly staying outside office premises (or in close proximity), making ludicrous tricks to get money out of us, they start with “Bhaia thoda hindi malum,, Mai Maharashtra se hoon,, ye meri patni aur bacha hai,, kisi ne humari bag aur paise raaste mei chura liye,,… humare pass ghar wapis jane ke liye kuch bhi nahi,, aap thode paise se help kijiye,,…” I have been confronting such people since day 1 in IT industry and the more surprising thing is there story(trick) remains the same till date. I met 2 such people today.  My goodness, these people are good healthwise but do not hesitate a bit to Beg. Mean minded Beggars. I say a straight NO to such mendicants.
So for today (and further), three areas to work on (personality perspective)
1. Short-temperedness and Anger – Reduce it.
2. Presentation – Improve
3. Public Speaking. – Improve
 Good Night to All Readers