Saturday, 01st Dec 2012;9:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

I started the day by going to Gym today (M-70 – M3W6D19) after which I went to a Bank at Kormangala for some personal work… after meticulous search for location of the Bank, learnt that it is a Bank Holiday meaning I would have to take time on some working day to get the job done..Gurrrrr!!!

Somehow I feel that the yesterday’s anger element is still there in me and mere thought of the incidence aggravates my anger. Gosh! I want to control my anger seriously.

Thereafter, I got my 3 years old specs frame replaced and in the meanwhile enjoyed Chicken Biriyani at a local restaurant. Evening was again Chicken-Chawal special. So enough of chiken now, not going to have it in next 15-20 days.

And now I am watching Talaash, the Aamir Khan movie. Guys its a good website ( ). You can watch the latest hindi movies with some compromise over the picture quality 🙂

So for now, over to Aamir and his Talaash..

Good Night