Month: February 2013

Day123: On a Holiday for 2 weeks

9:05pm, 25 Feb 2013;Benipatti, Bihar I am loving every moment of my home trip, travel to different locations across Bihar and Jharkhand, meeting family, friends and elders in society and neighborhood. Lots of new things and first time experiences. Will keep you posted after my vacation. O yes! Everyone has words of appreciation for my enhanced level of health and a more toned body. M70 effect 🙂  Keep enjoying!! Narendra...

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Day122: “Promises were like laws; smart men knew when to break both.” ― C.J. Hill, Slayers

Mon/Tue, 18 Feb 2013; 12:15am Electronic City, Bangalore It’s been a highly engaging and busy day today. Attended the Ambassador Training Program at office premises from 8:30 in the morning till 5:30 in evening. Thereafter it was busy time at office wrapping up all my commitment before I leave for my home trip this Wednesday. I am longing to see my little doll, Sanskriti, can’t wait more, it’s been 6 months (it’s like 6 years) away from my Queen and Princess now. I appreciate any noble gesture even if it is a small one when it comes from the purest of intentions. My office friend, Anand Vasu did a grand act of nobility recently. He provided food to over 40 children in an orphanage preferring it over feeding his relatives. Not only this he also provided ‘Cerelac’ to toddlers. The pics I saw of those small and lovely kids was heart rending and very touchy. A mother had left a new born on road………..!! While she might have done this because of poverty and inability to feed the baby….seeing that small baby in lap of someone else was quite emotional moment and touchy…God bless all such children and give strength to them and to people like Anand and N.G.Os. who provide service to take care of such lovely kids. God give me the strength and money enough to do...

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Day121: Tune in to your stomach, it is your best diet Guru – Rujuta Diwekar

Sat/Sun, 16/17 Feb 2013; 12:57amElectronic City, Bangalore Today, I posted my first ever book review on my blog and I feel so happy about it. I gave the much deserved rest to my body (after 5 workout days this week) though had to go to office due to some work commitments for a brief period. I encouraged Kiranmayi, a girl who is currently looking for job in Testing. She had a break of almost 2 years after her graduation. I asked her to join some institute which will revive and brush up all the basics of the technology and she will get to meet some people who are at the same platform. I offered her help by providing some documents I have and to get started. I wish Kiranmayi, all the very best in her new innings.  Narendra Gupta...

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Book Review: Don’t Lose your Mind, LOSE YOUR WEIGHT

Book Review #1 by Narendra Gupta Don’t Lose your Mind, LOSE YOUR WEIGHT Author: Rujuta Diwekar A little about Rujuta and the Reason WHY?, I and you can TRUST her:  She is one of the most qualified and sought after Sports Science and Nutrition experts in the Country and the only Nutritionist to have associate Membership from Sports Dietitians, Australia. She has done her Sports Nutrition Course from the Australia Institute of Sports, Canberra in 2010. She has also done her Post Graduation specialized in Sports Science and Nutrition, Mumbai in 1999. Amongst her high profile client includes Anil...

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Day120: In a gentle way, you can shake the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, 15 Feb 2013; 11:15pmElectronic City, Bangalore Each day is so different… yet beautiful in its own way. Someday you feel like, you are at top of the world, fully enthusiastic, confident, feel like rock star and …someday its completely the opposite. It was one such day for me. I lacked in energy, though went to Gym, but quite reluctantly and worked out not more than 20-25 minutes today (M70-M5W17D48). One reason for this may be – my back was paining a bit,  which might be the after-effect of some wrong exercise I had done yesterday. But then, its all part of the journey for M70. Obstacles come and go, we must remain determined and unfazed towards achieving our goal.  After reading the book by Rujuta Diwekar on eating right, I have been sincerely following (to the best I can) the ‘eating on time and eating in small packages‘ rule. I can feel the poitive result it has brought in my digestive system. (For more on this, I would be uploading my first ever book review tomorrow.) Before I retire to bed, here I quote some awe-inspiring lines from the book, “The Leader who had no Title” by my inspirational Guru, Mr. Robin Sharma, which I am reading currently: “So many people go to work with the mindset that when they get a bigger title and when they are...

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