Friday, 15 Feb 2013; 11:15pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Each day is so different… yet beautiful in its own way. Someday you feel like, you are at top of the world, fully enthusiastic, confident, feel like rock star and …someday its completely the opposite. It was one such day for me. I lacked in energy, though went to Gym, but quite reluctantly and worked out not more than 20-25 minutes today (M70-M5W17D48). One reason for this may be – my back was paining a bit,  which might be the after-effect of some wrong exercise I had done yesterday. But then, its all part of the journey for M70. Obstacles come and go, we must remain determined and unfazed towards achieving our goal. 

After reading the book by Rujuta Diwekar on eating right, I have been sincerely following (to the best I can) the ‘eating on time and eating in small packages‘ rule. I can feel the poitive result it has brought in my digestive system. (For more on this, I would be uploading my first ever book review tomorrow.)

Before I retire to bed, here I quote some awe-inspiring lines from the book, “The Leader who had no Title” by my inspirational Guru, Mr. Robin Sharma, which I am reading currently:

“So many people go to work with the mindset that when they get a bigger title and when they are granted more responsibility, then they will perform at mastery and go the extra mile in everything they do. (Until recently I had this mindset too, but no more. Thank you Robin for making me realize this). But a restaurant is the only place I know of where you get the good stuff first and then you pay the price. In work and in Life in general – you need to pay the price of success before you get all the rewards due to you. And by the way, just because you haven’t yet received the benefits of positive deeds you may have done, that doesn’t mean they are not coming. You will always reap what you sow. The chickens will always come home to roost. you will always get what you deserve.”

           (Courtesy: Para3, Page 21, The Leader who had no title by Robin Sharma)

Good Night !!

Narendra Gupta