Month: December 2012

Day75: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!

Mon/Tue, 31/01 Dec/Jan 2012/13; 12:30 amElectronic City, Bangalore HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013        नवबर्ष 2013 नये साल की “बधाई” का सिलसिला ;अबतक क्या बुरा हुआ,हुआ क्या भला;बीते साल की चर्चा,कितना हल्लागुल्ला,यह साल तो चला, नया है जो आनेवाला! चर्चा–विवाद, घात–प्रतिघात का दौर चला,दंगा–फसाद, आतंकवाद का जोर चला ;वक्त बदला–नियत बदली,विचार बदला;प्रेम– प्यार,रिश्ते–नातों का मोल बदला ! आज अंतिम,कल होगा नया दिन पहला,खिले नया सूरज,आशा का नया दीप जला;न हो संताप,न हो अब कोई दुःख की ज्वाला,जो अन्याय–दुष्कर्म हुए, ना हो तो हो भला !! दोष किसका ,यह है उलझन का सवाल,न्याय व्यवस्था को करना होगा बहाल;सज़ा दे सके, हो ऐसा कानुन का हाल !शपथ ले,अमन–शांति का हो नया साल| जग मैं उमंग भरी,चहके लोग सारे,जैसे गगन में चहके रवि–शशि–तारे,मन हर्षाये,  नई आशाओं के सहारे,चातक सी उम्मीद रख हम जीते सारे। सभी को शुभकामनाएं, आया नयासाल!हर्ष–बधाई,संदेशों का फैले सुनेहरा जाल,नववर्ष मुबारक हो,खुशी मिले बेमिसाल;पुरातन गया,हर्ष नये का स्वागत बिशाल|                                                          (लेखक: सजन कुमार मुरारका) लोगों के बीच नए साल की उत्साह देख मन खुश हुआ जा  रहा है। बाहर चारो और शोर है – 2013 का उत्साह सभी को हर्षित कर रही है। इश्वर से यह कामना करता हूँ यह नया साल आप सभी के जीवन में खुशियों की शौगात लेकर आये, आप दिन-दुनी, रात-चौगुनी तरक्की करें, आप स्वस्थ रहें, मस्त रहे, सदेव खूश रहें। मै अपने ब्लॉग के माध्यम से एक बार फिर आप सभी को नए साल की ढेर...

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Day74: We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sun/Mon 30/31 Dec 2012: 12:01amElectronic City, Bengaluru And…the final day of year 2012 has begun, an year which has seen some heart-rending and most sorrowful incidences, be it the the mass killing of innocent children in US or the recent Delhi brutal rape case which took the country by storm; to say the least. I see a ray of hope, I see light at other end of the long dark tunnel. I am optimistic that Earth will be a brighter place to live in, in this coming year. I am optimistic India will shine where Women would be RESPECTED and Gender Equality will be a norm. This Sunday I slept more, cleaned my otherwise messed up room, listened to the melodious tunes of Vividh Bharti this afternoon, called family, Cooked, Ate and just chilled 🙂 Looking forward for the final day of the year.. Good Night Everyone! Narendra...

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She is no more…..

Sat/Sun, 29/30 Dec 2012; 12:05am Electronic City, Bengaluru She is no more… just physically though     She was just 23. Like every other girl of her age, she had dreams to Graduate, get married, have children and live a happy family life. She wanted to LIVE, she fought hard for it, even the prayers of millions of we Indians could not save the angel’s life, perhaps God needed her more than us, and perhaps she was destined for a better place. The demise of the Braveheart has left the nation shocked with tearful eyes, and completely heartbroken. I may be mimicking many voices, but then as an Indian, I must say, I apologize to you Sister for not having saved you, and I apologize to many more sisters who have undergone such ghastly crimes by someone of my gender, I deeply apologize to you all being a MAN. This afternoon (at 2’o clock) I was taken aback on listening to Arnab’s debate on Times Now with panelist discussing on Women’s safety. I got anxious and started thinking if She is alright and after a few minutes, the news flashed, She is no more…(She died in wee hours of Saturday morning at a Singapore hospital). I was deeply saddened and (almost) cried for few minutes, for I and millions of Indians had been praying for her speedy recovery for last...

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Day73: A BLACK Saturday

Sat/Sun; 29/30 Dec 2012; 1:10amElectronic City, Bengaluru Can you hear that silence, complete SILENCE. Let’s have a 2 minute silence in the name of Damini/Nirbhaya/Braveheart who has left her physical being today. Naredra Gupta1:12am Today’s Act of Kindness: I offered money to an Elderly Lady who was probably in her 80s during my late morning walk today. She looked weak and...

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Day72: “Too often the shortcut, the line of least resistance, is responsible for evanescent and unsatisfactory success.” Louis Binstock

Friday, 28 Dec 2012; 11:30pm Electronic City, Bengaluru It had been an eventful day with good experiences. I started the day by keeping my promise, the promise I had made to the little Girl yesterday, who was promoting for the new Nutrition Centre (called Turning Point….script your future) in Electronic City. It was basically an invitation for a Body-Fat checkup and it was for free. Here’s a quick summary of my body report during my visit to the centre: Height: 172 cms Weight: 77.3 Kgs (Actual), Ideal weight: 68-70 Kg …(very much in sync with M-70) Fat%: 24.9% (Actual), Ideal for my body (as per Height and Weight): (12 -16)% BMI: 26.4 (Actual), Ideal should be in range of 18.5 to 24.9 It is clear that I need to reduce on my fat% to regain ideal BMI. The 15 minutes spent at the centre was useful. Apart from making us aware on certain things which lead to obesity, various good diets, etc, they also provided a glass of Ayurvedic drink which tasted somewhat like Green tea, a little less bitter though. In the end, came their business, which was about different packages of weight loss program, minimum being a 1 week program for 1050 INR. I personally do not encourage any short-cuts to weight-loss, I thanked them for their service and the healthy drink, and proceeded to office. In...

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