Friday, 28 Dec 2012; 11:30pm
Electronic City, Bengaluru
It had been an eventful day with good experiences. I started the day by keeping my promise, the promise I had made to the little Girl yesterday, who was promoting for the new Nutrition Centre (called Turning Point….script your future) in Electronic City. It was basically an invitation for a Body-Fat checkup and it was for free. Here’s a quick summary of my body report during my visit to the centre:
Height: 172 cms
Weight: 77.3 Kgs (Actual), Ideal weight: 68-70 Kg …(very much in sync with M-70)
Fat%: 24.9% (Actual), Ideal for my body (as per Height and Weight): (12 -16)%
BMI: 26.4 (Actual), Ideal should be in range of 18.5 to 24.9
It is clear that I need to reduce on my fat% to regain ideal BMI. The 15 minutes spent at the centre was useful. Apart from making us aware on certain things which lead to obesity, various good diets, etc, they also provided a glass of Ayurvedic drink which tasted somewhat like Green tea, a little less bitter though. In the end, came their business, which was about different packages of weight loss program, minimum being a 1 week program for 1050 INR. I personally do not encourage any short-cuts to weight-loss, I thanked them for their service and the healthy drink, and proceeded to office. In such programs, you do not feel that vigor, that drive and that satisfaction which you feel after sweating out your energy while working out.
At work, I was more productive and focused than yesterday, Besides my work, helped the Automation team to resolve their data related issues, received special appreciation from their Lead for my contribution. Later, enjoyed watching the final overs of India-Pak cricket match in office along with colleagues. All in all, it was a satisfying day.
Looking forward to the final weekend of 2012…
Good Night, Subhratri..
Narendra Gupta
Today’s Act of Kindness: I helped 2 fellow employees at the office entrance gate as their ID cards was not working. Made 2 new friends in office. Smiled, Talked with strangers.