Saturday, 12 Oct 2013; 5:00pm

Kestopur, Kolkata, India
It feels superb to be part of Pujo (as my Bengali friends call ‘Durga Puja’) celebrations for the first time ever in Kolkata and after many years of absence during the festival (being caught up in studies or work in one of cities down south). Yesterday I visited few of the Pandalsin Kestopur and Salt Lake area and what I observed was simply stunning. Be it the ‘Amarnath temple’ based theme of the AJ Block (near 206 bus stop) , the ‘Varanasi City’ based theme by BJ Block or the extremely huge AK Block campus in the Salt Lake Area, I have simply no words of praise for each one of them. What amazes me the most is enormously huge amount of effort and staggeringly large volume of creativity that have been put into the making of each pandal. Kudos to everyone responsible. Here are few of the snaps of the 8 Pandals I visited on Maha-Saptami day. Hope you would like it.
Rabindrapally, Kestopur

Pragati Club, Rabindrapally, Kestopur

Near Bridge No. 7, Kestopur 

Near Bridge No 7, Salt Lake Area, Sector 2
Simply incredible! Decoration unmatched..
AJ Block, Near 206 Bus Stop, Salt Lake Area.

Pandal at AJ Block

BJ Block, Near 206 Bus Stop, Salt Lake Area
AK Block ….Marvelous!

AK Block, Near No 9, Salt Lake Area, Sector 3

Simpppply Huuuuuuuuge! isn’t it?

Just Amazing!

Artists performing at AK Block

Hope you too are enjoying Puja and having lots and lots of fun . How you are celebrating Pujo, will love to hear from you.

Best Wishes,

Narendra Gupta