Monday,05-Nov-2012; 9:20pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

M-70 Updates: M2W3D8 – 1.Elliptical Machine : 30 min (-300 Cal) 2. Light Exercises (Weights) 3. Treadmill : 15 min (-100 Cal)
Diet: 1. Breakfast (Idlis,2 Nos.) 2. Lunch: Chicken Kebab Combo 3. Afternoon: Green Tea  4.Dinner: Fried Rice mixed Manchurian (Not recommended)

Dinner was a cheat meal for the day.Otherwise diet wise and work-out wise, this Monday was Okay. At work, didn’t feel like working through out the day and was feeling sluggish, drained out of energy.

Today is the 21st day, they say for a thing to become a habit, you must do it at least for 21 days continually. I wish to be more consistent and inculcate many more good habits in life. Amen! 🙂

Feeling too tired to write any more. Signing off for the day. Good Night.

Narendra Gupta