Sunday, 07 April 2013; 9:35pm
Sector V,  Salt Lake, Kolkata

I spent the day at peace with self devoting most of my time writing my second book review though could not complete it today. Now, I will publish it someday later this week. Apart from this, I went for an evening walk and did some shopping in the near by CK Market. Salt Lake area is beautiful, clean and well maintained. Here, I share some of the stills I took from my mobile in Kolkata (I forgot to bring my Digicam here in Kolkata 🙁 )
An idol near CK Market, Salt Lake, Kokata
Rangoli prepared by Wiproites at Kolkata Campus
Rangoli prepared by BPO Employees to welcome their new Team
Calling it day for now. Looking for an exciting day tomorrow.
Good Night!!
Narendra Gupta