Month: October 2012

Day16: “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” ― Rita Mae Brown, Alma Mater

Wednesday, 31st-Oct-2012;11:00pmElectronic City, Bangalore I am in love with the weather here in Bangalore. Thanks to Madam ‘Neelam’ bringing in non-stop rain for last 36 hours and no signs of rest, still on song. Lovely it is. I love this cluttering sound of rain, that which I can hear now, the aroma of the soil when it rains, the chillness this rain brings, just love it. You will not have a second thought that the weather is ideal for a stay at home spending some quality time with family enjoying hot ‘pakodas’. Okay. This was M70-W2D6 when I did Exercise set 1 prescribed by Jack Braniff of ‘Urban Energie’. It consisted of Squat to press (12,12,12), Toe Taps (30,30), T-Press ups(8,5,5 against expected 12,12,12 (found it hard to do today),Clean Press (10,10), Dumbell Swing (15Kg-12/12) followed by Lateral Raises. Feel satisfied and some self-worth even though the muscles in different parts ache. Experience always has an edge. Got to learn a lot from my senior member in Project, Varghese George. He solves complex things (at least which appear to me) with a great ease. I thank you Varghese for all the inputs you had provided to prepare the final report today. Sent the final report at around 7:30pm in the evening and then left only to learn (at home while checking mail) that it got stuck in my outlook...

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Day15: A Winner is a Loser who never gave up.

Tuesday, 30th Oct 2012;10:00pmElectronic City, Bangalore This precious day of life was dedicated to Work and Work-out. Started the day with work-out at Gym, mostly on the elliptical trainer (30 min) losing 300 calories. Finished by doing some abs exercises. It’s long way to go to accomplish M-70, sometimes find it very challenging to get up from bed and go for Gym in the 6-8 am slot. But then I have hope, the hope of victory. one of my childhood favorites: Good Night to all.10:15pm Narendra...

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Day14: Itne oonche utho ki jitna ooncha Gagan hai.

Monday, 29th-Oct-12;11:20pmElectronic City, Bangalore After a refreshing and fun-filled  weekend it was a busy Monday but worth it. Am feeling too tired to write more. Have to get up early in the morning tomorrow for M-70 W2D5.  Sharing one of my favorite Poems: Good Night and Lovely Dreams to all Narendra...

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Day13: Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names…..(Unknown)

Sunday, 28th Oct 2012; 10:45pm Electronic City, Bangalore Wao!! What a Sunday it was. Certainly, will remain in memories for many days to come. Today, I attended two important functions, each life changing events for someone in their lives. First event was Mridul’s,my Landlord’s Grandson’s (his daughter’s son) naming ceremony this afternoon followed by Madhuri’s, my Ex-Project mate’s wedding function in the evening. This Sunday was all about having fun and getting more acquainted to a different culture. Mridul’s Naming Ceremony:    Me with little “Mridul” Words have meaning and Names have Power. The Little baby got his identity today. Yes, he got his name “MRIDUL”. This is the name; the world would call him for the next 80-100 years and even after that. I recall of the famous proverb “Good men must die but death cannot kill their names”. I wish little Mridul, a very Happy, Healthy, worthwhile and a long Life with everlasting NAME. God bless!! Madhuri weds Vijay: Picture of the Day!! In the evening, attended, the jolly, the talkative, and the beautiful Madhuri’s wedding reception. The cynosure of the evening, the wedding couple was made for each other type and both of them were looking gorgeous. I recall of last week when Madhuri was feeling so anxious, nervous yet excited talking non-stop, yelling her toothache and swollen cheek and other ‘before marriage’ worries. She would...

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Day12: Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday – Don Marquis

Sat/Sun ,27/28-Oct-2012 4:45 amElectronic City, Bangalore Wonderful lines from the Book ‘The Now Habit’ by Neil Fiore which I am reading this weekend: ” Have to’s” represent the message of stress while “Should’s” symbolizes and brings depression in the long run. The language of “Have to’s” and “should’s”  do not communicate to the mind and body – a clear picture of: What I choose to do When I choose to do it Where I choose to start it How I choose to do it “As you begin to speak to yourself in the language that focuses on results rather than blame, on choice rather than have to, on what is rather than what you think should be, you will find that your body and mind co-operate by providing a level of positive energy free from the unnecessary struggles of the past and negative comparisons with the future.”                                                                                    Source: ‘The Now Habit’ by Neil Fiore Great lines, find it so related to my life. Just realized, I have been living the whole life (so far) in the insidious cycle of “Have to’s” and “should’s”. I at this moment choose to disassociate from this self-harming language and vow to choose and work on my will rather than any external pressure. On Saturday, I read, ate, phoned, listened to radio,...

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