Sat/Sun ,27/28-Oct-2012 4:45 am
Electronic City, Bangalore

Wonderful lines from the Book ‘The Now Habit’ by Neil Fiore which I am reading this weekend:

” Have to’s” represent the message of stress while “Should’s” symbolizes and brings depression in the long run. The language of “Have to’s” and “should’s”  do not communicate to the mind and body – a clear picture of:

  • What I choose to do
  • When I choose to do it
  • Where I choose to start it
  • How I choose to do it

“As you begin to speak to yourself in the language that focuses on results rather than blame, on choice rather than have to, on what is rather than what you think should be, you will find that your body and mind co-operate by providing a level of positive energy free from the unnecessary struggles of the past and negative comparisons with the future.”
                                                                                    Source: ‘The Now Habit’ by Neil Fiore

Great lines, find it so related to my life. Just realized, I have been living the whole life (so far) in the insidious cycle of “Have to’s” and “should’s”. I at this moment choose to disassociate from this self-harming language and vow to choose and work on my will rather than any external pressure.

On Saturday, I read, ate, phoned, listened to radio, and slept. Dinner was my special:  chicken-roti 🙂

Good Morning and Have a Great Sunday to all.

Going on a morning walk…..

Narendra Gupta
28-Oct-12; 5:20am