Tue/Wed, 12/13 March 2013; 12:20am
Electronic City, Bangalore

I am back to my writing way, and back to my exercising way as well, after a gap of 3 weeks. I had a ‘WOW’ trip to home. Meeting my Family members, Relatives and Society people across different locations was a delight and an awesome experience. I will pen it all sometimes this week. (Stay tuned (to my blog) :P)

I resumed my workouts today after a break of almost one month. M70 is into its final days. Only 18 days are remaining before the timeline (Won’t call it a deadline, its not so hard and fast, Its just up to me:) ) set to accomplish weight of 70 Kgs (M70). Today was 49th day (M70-M6W21D49) of exercising in this quest to attain a fitter body. More than five months have passed and I have gained a million of things in the process, an increased level of good health comes as the top accomplishment apart from losing the extra and unwanted flab and an increased level of commitment towards various things be it work, relationship and towards self. I will brief my success story (Yes!, I consider myself successful now only for all that I have gained in the process) on 31st of March 2013.

With this I call it a day. Wishing you all a very energetic, youthful and useful Wednesday.

Good Night, Good Morning!!

Narendra Gupta
13-Feb; 12:58am