Thu/Fri, 24/25 Jan 2013; 12:30am
Electronic City, Bangalore

I have been feeling (somewhat) weak for past few days. In spite of making regularly to Gym, taking (sufficient) food on time, instead of feeling better, I am not feeling so good about about my fitness. What’s wrong Narendra??

Okay. Here’s a very important lesson for me (and all of you who plan for workouts and want to see positive development in your fitness standards):

” During any form of Exercise, the body and specifically our muscles go through microscopic wear and tear. Loss of muscle tissue and its breakdown is associated with ageing and the one thing that will turn exercise into an anti-ageing activity is Protein. Proteins are made up of amino acids which help us repair our tissues and recover from the stress that exercise places on our body. Post Exercise the body needs some fast carbs (High GI) and a quick supply of amino acids. I would go to the extent of saying that if you can’t arrange for your post workout meal to have Protein and high GI Carb, you are better off not working out.”

                                                               Rujuta Diwekar, Don’t Lose your Mind, LOSE YOUR WEIGHT.

I probably need to work in this regard (Post Workout Meal) to be at a better position. Well!, now that I understand the reason, I will take that ‘indispensable’ Protein and High GI Carb food without any miss (I cannot afford to). 
Today (M70: M4W14D39) it was another long day at work, and yes, I went to Gym but did mild workouts only for about half-an hour. 
These are the times of hardships, of struggles and patience but I know I am going to make it. My journey to attaining a fit, toned body continues……
Narendra Gupta