Electronic City, Bangalore

I was deeply moved by the last interview video of Yash Jee with Shahrukh, that I saw on You tube today (yes, saw every minute of the almost 2 hour long video). The legendary director talks about the struggle in early days of his career and the big decision he took to start his own production house, the YRF in 1971 parting ways from his legendary brother Mr. B.R Chopra. I liked when he spoke about the situations he was facing then, he said he was married and was soon going to become father, he was facing lots of financial constraints and eventually took this risk, today Yash Raj Production is one of the top production companies in the world. The catch phrase for me and the reason for the grand success in his 60 years of film career that he mentioned was “If you listen to your heart and do your work with genuine honesty, not for the sake of the word, you are bound to succeed”. Great words Yash Jee, you inspire me and million others to succeed in their vista of life by listening to their heart and then pursuing on it with ‘complete’ and ‘genuine’ honesty. Eagerly waiting for your ultimate release, JTHJ. RIP, the holy soul.

Early in the day, I read ‘The Now Habit’ for about 30 minutes though took some lessons of a life time from it. Only after reading this book, I realized that I had been suffering from the disease called “PROCRASTINATION” since early childhood days. I used to Put off Living when some big project/exam/event used to come which I have been following till date. I used to give up amusements, playing games, extra-curricular activity, etc and just wanted and thought of work (at that time work meant studies). Nothing has changed still. I think of making things perfect and that I find as an excuse to put off to a later date. The same happened when I wanted to begin writing on my blog. I feared how people would anticipate, I must make it big on my standards, I feared of the unknown, what If I fail. As I go on reading this book, I discover all the symptoms of a Procrastinator, deeply rooted inside me and then I realize why and how the Producers (Performers) made/make the difference. I realized that I have been motivating myself in the wrong way trapping self in the words of “I have to, I must…and putting undue pressure on me causing anxiety and no/least progress” I love word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence of this book and If you are reading me, I would certainly recommend this book by Neil Fiore, a must read for those who are in the habit of putting off things in some or the other aspects of their life.

For M-70, which has been pending for past 2 years, I would always think, Let me complete the exam well (during my MS in UK) and then I will start working on fitness, Let me make a Job shift and then I will start working on fitness…and so on. Unfortunately nothing could materialize off late but fortunately I got the understanding and realization that I must begin even one step at a time. I feel a little self-worth that I have started it now. Yes, I have started working on my fitness. It’s been 2 weeks (with 7 work-out days).  It’s far from reaching my Goal of 70 Kgs and the real challenge for me is the consistency. As of now, I just see making 3/4 days the coming week which starts tomorrow.

Coming week will carry that Diwali flavor and its a good feeling to see and experience how the mood of people remain upbeat during all this festive season. Looking forward to the coming week with much zest..

Wish you all a Happy Monday!

Good Night to all.

P.S. Okay, I just recalled, this is time for our mid-term appraisals. I hate filling in Appraisals and it has been a record that I have filled all my appraisals either on the last day or beyond that. Something I hate doing and have been PROCRASTINATING on it ever since its inception in life 🙂 09th Oct is the last date. So to cure my Procrastination on this aspect, I have decided to begin today, fill it part by part and to submit it before 09th.