Wednesday, 13-March-2013; 10:40pm

Electronic City, Bangalore

It feels like just a couple of days back, when I started Mission 70, someday in the 3rd Week of October 2012. With today’s workout, I complete 50 days of workout in my ongoing quest to regain my fitness level and attain even more higher standards of peak health. This is the first time ever in my life that I have been so consistent in going to Gym, and exercising for more than 25 minutes each day. I am enjoying each moment of my good health gaining more confident outlook towards life. I feel the ‘change’ happening to me in a very positive way and in the most vivid aspects of my life.

On career front, latest news is, it is ‘annual appraisal’ time once again. Unlike other times and specially after my Management studies, I have started liking to fill in appraisals. I have taken baby steps to come out of my habit of procrastinating in this regard. I jotted down some key points about my current project which will play a crucial role in my appraisal, yesterday. Tomorrow, will complete collecting info and points I would include in this appraisal which is so crucial (to me). I vision a Band Progression this time and a handsome hike this year. Looking forward to this appraisal.

Okay. Am feeling so tired after running almost 2 miles on the treadmill today. Calling it a day.

Wishing you a very Good Night.

Narendra Gupta