Tuesday, 23rd Oct 2012;10:20 pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Finally, M-70 Day 2 ‘happened’ today. I had missed it yesterday. It was the first day I did work-outs planned by Jack some 15 months ago in Birmingham. I started with some warm up exercises for 8-10 minutes. This included pulse raiser (cycling) followed by basic stretches for Calves, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Back, Chest and Triceps. It should be known that warm-up essentially prepares the body for exercise by improving elasticity of the muscles, raising the heart rate and increasing blood flow to the muscles. The intensity should gradually increase until it matches with the intensity of the main workout. In the main workout, I did Squat to press, Toe-taps, T-press ups, Dumbbell swing, clean press followed by lateral raises. I was huffing and puffing just after 4-5 push-ups today, certainly need to do more of resistance training. I think it would slowly come up with practice. Finished the workouts with some pulse lowering aerobic exercises followed by stretches. The purpose is to decrease the heart rate and return the body to its pre-exercise state.  at this moment, my full body, from the lower calves to the shoulder are hugely aching; but then am pleased with my work-out today. It is a good beginning.
Further, I kept control over my food habits as well. Took 2 idlis in Breakfast, 3 chapati in lunch and 5 chapati in dinner. 
I was also feeling better at work today after the work-out…. though nothing much was there to do today:)
Tomorrow is Vijaya Dashmi, and on this auspicious occasion, I wish all my friends a Very Happy Dussehra. 
Good Night to all
Narendra Gupta
23-10-12; 10:40 pm