Wednesday, 24th Oct 2012; 11:15pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
Away from phone calls, work-stress and hell lot of team meetings, I was at complete peace of mind today. Had a power nap in the evening and am brimming with energy even at this time of the day.
While Dussehra and Durga Pooja celebrations were in full flow away home,I celebrated Ayudha Pooja with some local friends here. Ayudha Pooja, an integral part of the Navaratri is mostly celebrated in southern states of India. The people here worship their machineries, vehicles, tools and weapons. There is a custom to burst open a big melon, inside which they put coins, kids would loot the coins once it is busted. It was a pleasure to experience all this.
Me before the Palki of Maa Ayudha in the Evening
In the evening, Palki of Maa Ayudha goes around the village accompanied with drum-beats and other musical instruments, people around rejoiced the celebrations and so did I.
Great Culture, Great People, Great Country, Love to be Indian.

Good Night, Sweet Dreams to all
Narendra Gupta
24thOct 2012; 11:45pm


P.S. Tomorrow M70: Week1Day3: Would do Cardios (Tread Mill/Elliptical Machine work-out)