Thursday,18th Oct 2012;10:45 pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

I feel blessed to live around people who are epitomes of inspiration. I recall of the Blind Wiproite whom I see everyday walking around fearlessly, He is so full of energy, and as enthusiastic as ever; Then I recall of another Wiproite, a 4 Foot tall newly joined employee of managerial rank, fighting out all his complexities within self, and saying “Sir, I have done it in the past and I am here to stay” to the facilitator of the induction program. Another fellow Wiproite, a lady, mother of two, disabled in one feet yet making to the office consistently after sending her kids to school and doing all her household work, all this with her solid grit and will power . My salute to all such people who despite all the hardships of life, LIVE BIG.

The highlight of this day of life was the Bachelor’s Party Treat at Barista by Madhuri, my team member who is getting married later this month. Wao! It was a memorable one. She said, she is feeling a little nervous yet excited. She is doing everything possible to make this life changing event of her, a memorable one. I along with other 2 team members wished her a very Happy Married Life. After this enjoyed the Bhangra and DJ Beats by ReadyMix Group at the AppFest carnival in the campus.

Signing off for today,
I wish all my Friends and Well Wishers a Happy and Blessed Life.

Narendra Gupta
Thursday, 18th Oct 2012; 11:05 pm