Friday, 19th Oct 2012; 10:30 pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
                  Three Things for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind
1.       Food that you eat  – RIGHT NUTRITION
2.       Thoughts that you think – POSITIVE THINKING
3.       Exercises that you do – FITNESS EXERCISES
With the zest to live life along with all my limitations, inhibitions and shortcomings, I started yet another day of life afresh. It was a memorable day. YES! Kick started M-70 today. J
I had started Mission 70, the mission to reduce my Body Weight to 70 Kgs around two years back without any successes .Although I started many a times later but my exuberance faded away in a week or 10 days at max, could never keep the momentum going, something I dislike about self . My procrastination had been at its peak all these months. After a break of 14 months, I have started the quest yet again but this time I wish to achieve it. Only and Only thing which will take me through is CONSISTENCE.
Feeling exhausted with huge body-ache,
Good Night to all
Wishing you all a Very Happy Weekend
Narendra Gupta
19th Oct 2012;10:45pm
p.s: Mission 70 Day1: Weight – 84 Kgs