Thursday, 13th Dec 2012;11:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Another busy day at work. And It’s going to be the same for few more weeks.So, breakfast, lunch and dinner all in office, though I must say, am enjoying this phase of work life for the first time so much. Coordinating with different people, different teams across the globe and working on areas I have never worked before, quite challenging and interesting as well. I get inspired by my fellow colleague, Moumita who in spite of lesser experience is highly competent and knowledgible. I get inspired from her, the way she maintains her cool and engages with various teams, people, remaining committed to resolving so many issues. Besides all these things she remain so friendly. I get to learn a lot of things from her. I dedicate this day to Moumita, my teammate.
Today, I wished Happy Birthday to two girls in my Kolkata team. I have never met them, never talked to them. But then I feel good doing such activities.
I missed on Gym yet another day, means I wont be able to meet this weeks target of 4 workout days. After tiring office hours, I find it quite challenging to get up and go for Gym. It is going to be the same tomorrow and this weekend as well. The only good thing I do all these days has been taking stairs to the third floor in my office tower and my walk to room all the way from office, a distance of around 3.5-4 Kms. M-70 has taken a back seat but certainly not out of sight.
With this I call it a day.
My Love to all..
Narendra Gupta