Saturday, 08th June 2013; 10:35am
Madhubani, Bihar

Good Morning and a very refreshing Hello to you all. How are you doing today? Well! its been few days away from my blog. I had not been keeping well after shifting to kolkata last month, was down with viral fever for a couple of weeks, infact had to get admitted to Columbia Asia hospital for 4 days due to high fever. Reason might be extreme weather conditions in Kolkata and excessive travel and exhaustion in last few days. Will pen all my expereinces at the hospital and during my illness. Presently spending some quality time with family while recuperating from illness. I am feeling much better now. 

Yes,  will publish my eighth poem “Someday I Dream, Someday I Dream… “, I had written during my teenage years sometimes later this month (am away from my Scanner which is in Kolkata right now and also my personal laptop which is not working, had saved a softcopy of my poem earlier, right now typing from my office laptop :)).

Okay then. Will see you soon with my latest articles. Till then take a great care of yourself.

Narendra Gupta