Hello Friend!! How are you doing today? I hope this page finds you in the best of health and Thank you for stopping by my site 🙂

My name is Narendra Gupta.


I am a simple, soft-spoken, hardworking, diligent, lazy, in-consistent, short-tempered (at times :)) human being who wishes to Live Big. I am an introvert at heart with traces of extravertness which pops up at times.

I love writing, though not a (W)riter, have been writing for past 10 years in my journals for self. I wish someday my daughter will read my life all those years. I represent a commoner with nothing extra-ordinary. I wish to express my inspirations to the world and the fact that if I can do it, anyone can. I would be more than happy if my life inspires even a single person on earth 🙂

Apart from this, I enjoy cooking, reading books (self-help), and yes, wish to start gardening sometimes in the near future for I love greenery.


I belong to a small town called Bokaro in Jharkhand, India. Did my early schooling in BIV 6A followed by DPS Bokaro. Completed my Under Grads in Engineering in the Year 2007 at CUSAT, Kochi. Pursued my Masters, an MS in HR Mgmt from Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK. I was an above average student at School and College though I must say I was quite ordinary at some point. I passed out fulfilling my long cherished dream, MS with a Merit.

Oxygen of my Life: My Parents, My Daughter, My Wife and family

God in my Life: Maa, Papa. I wish to make a Temple in their name someday.

Why I am here?

In this fast running professional work-life could not keep in touch with many of my friends after college. Through my Blog, I wish to remain connected to all my School, College, Office and all other special friends with whom I met at some point in life.

Through this forum, I wish to voice my opinion on issues in society, life, my daily gratitude, would publish my poems, summary of books I read and anything new that interests me J

I feel the urge to be more connected to friends and well-wishers. I thus choose to blog.

On My Mind: 

25th May 2013 to 31st December 2013:

I often find it difficult to fill this space and that’s the reason this area has been pending for updation ever since I accomplished my weight loss mission (M70) on 31st-Mar-2013. You may discover me through my daily gratitude pages where I write about my experiences with the day.  Last few months I focused on reducing the procrastinator in me and sticking to my fitness mission. While I have given away procratination in some areas,  I still need to work in few others to root out this deadly and moral disease. Exercising is an ongoing activity and I am now on M70 Season 2, this time though more focused on acquiring a toned body with a balance of cardio-vascular and weight training exercises.  Apart from all this, the next 7 months, I would concentrate on minimizing (to the maximum possible if not removing completely) two things which is a big deterrent in the path to success; FEAR and ANGER. I fear a lot of things in life, be it the fear of death, fear of uncertainty, fear of failure, fear of losing loved ones, fear of making wrong decisions, fear of beginning, fear of initiating, fear of leading, and so on. Another thing I don’t like is Anger and my short tempered nature. The kind of person I vision myself 5 years ahead has no place for anger and this negative trait must go away. More updates on how and what action steps I am taking to root away these not so ideal part of me in my Daily Gratitude pages…….(as on Saturday, May 25, 2013)
13th October 2012  to 31st March 2013:

I am the greatest of all Procrastinators I know. Past 2 years h’ve been setting  deadlines only to miss them. 
Posted my first article on this blog, an year and a half after creating profile.
These days I am on Mission-70 (M-70), resolution to reduce my body weight from 80 plus to 70 and the deadline set is March 31,2013. 
More on the progress in my Daily Gratitude pages. I have 6 months now. Ohh that’s a long time, ‘ll start exercising next week…  (as on 13 Oct 2012)