Thu/Fri, 21/22 March 2013; 11:48pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Why does it happen again and again, and again…It has been happening since childhood days when I was a school going kid, nothing has changed on that account even now when I am a working professional. Well, this morning when I went to office, I learnt from my onsite Manager that another interview is awaiting me, this time one of the client leads would be interviewing me in the evening and the area of discussion would be something which I have never touched upon. Wao, what a news to start my day at work. Since that very moment, I started to feel ‘serious’, look ‘serious’, though did best to hide emotions to the outer world, but then I am a bad actor. I was preparing  stuffs that I could, in the given time, from inside I started to feel pressure and the whole day it remained the same, not until the interview rather discussion with the customer was over. Its not a new thing for me, and similar characteristics have been repeating since my childhood days. Be it is the school test, college exam, or a job interview, I always felt the unnecessary pressure.
Well, not any more. I seriously need to improve on this aspect of my being. I foresee myself as a person with more balanced and controlled outlook towards facing interviews and any exam situation. I need to face the trying circumstances more boldly and confidently. What exactly I need to do, I will have to think it over critically. Action item Narendra !!
This day was all about interview mania. Yes let me be honest with myself, it was a mania. Another truth about myself, on most occasions I have buckled down under pressure, certainly not a good thing. Only good thing that happened to me today was ‘reading the book: The Go-Getter, one of the best classic stories of a war veteran who must overcome many obstacles to build a successful life for himself. Stay tuned for my 2nd Book Review. will happen this weekend for sure.
Not to mention, I attempted to workout under pressure but, just attempted and failed. Somehow I mustered courage at 6:45pm to do some fast calorie burner exercise for 10 minutes and then attend the con-call with onsite team. When I pumped in on the elliptical trainer for 2 minutes I was ousted by the staff as I was working out in Jeans (Not allowed thing). Though I was angry at that guy that moment, it was my mistake. I was just going west and crazy due to the interview pressure. Certainly this day was not utilized or rather lived in the best possible way. lot of corrections needed Narendra !!
Good Night