Sat/Sun, 13/14 April 2013; 11:45pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

I started the day finishing off my left over Fitness Special article of yesterday. In the morning I had a nice chat with the guest house receptionist, Manu sharing my insights on the importance of eating right and on time. In the afternoon today, my roomie’s Parents visited Kolkata and I greeted them warmly. It feels so nice to meet elders who after many years of struggle and hard work made us what we are. I wish to spend more time with my Parents now, pray God for my transfer to Kolkata, a city near to home and I can convince my God to stay with me. Well! things are in process and if everything goes well, I would be getting a transfer to Kolkata. Moving on, I spent sometime in the afternoon watching TV and feeling guilty why I am wasting my time. In the evening went for a walk and later posted my second poem जीवन क्या है? in the series of 8 poem I had written as a teenager. Enjoyed the nail biting thriller between Chennai and Bangalore Team in IPL and now finally expressing my gratitude to this beautiful day spent today.
Good Night. Subho Ratri!!
Narendra Gupta