Mon/Tue, 21/22 Jan 2013; 12:02am
Electronic City, Bangalore

As promised earlier, this week I would focus on the importance of taking right food and the role it plays in shaping up our health. I thus declare this Week (21-27 Jan 2013) as the DIET* Week. So, when I say Diet, I have no intention to recommend going on a FAST or restricting food and punishing yourself. Whenever I say DIET, it would mean “Healthy and the Right food” which would help me (us) in remaining fit. The contribution of Food and Exercise towards remaining FIT and Healthy is 70:30. Yes 70% – Food and 30% Exercise. There is a famous saying – “You ARE what you EAT”. Thus, right selection of Food is important, even more than Exercising for being Healthy. I would share my insights on the right food intake in next few days (Insights :P, which I am gaining from Rujuta’s masterpiece)
As usual on Mondays, I was feeling lazy and reluctant to go to office this morning. I do not know When?, When will I get up from bed with a zeal and purpose, raring to go to work. The situation ‘now’ is just the opposite. Anyway 🙂
I started slow, and steady, by evening I was in good touch at work, putting forward my questions, concerns to the client strongly.  I went for Workouts doing some 40-45 minutes of Running, Cycling, Paddling, Rowing, different abs exercises today (M70-M4W14D37). 
Will see you all tomorrow,
Until then Good bye, Good night
Narendra Gupta
DIET WEEK* – Raising Awareness on Food, Food Habits and the Right Mix to implement in personal life and Make M-70 successful.