Sunday, 20 Jan 2013; 11:40pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

After a long gap, I got up early (not really, at 7:15am) and gifted my self with a Morning walk. Even at this time, around 7:30am, the air was so fresh, so pure, the cold-breeze was so, so… so pleasant and beautiful, sunrise was such as if it was enlightening the whole being, I savored the nature in the holy hours of the day and on the way enjoyed a hot cup of Tea. What an awesome experience it was. I wonder why do I miss the best hours of the day (have got sick of my late rising habit). I bet, gifting yourself with a Morning walk is the best way to kick start your day. 
After returning from the leisurely, pleasureful walk and while I was reading only the first page of Newspaper, received call from my Onsite Manager and he informed me of the urgency at work. From that moment the rest of the day went in thinking about work and Working at office. In the evening When I came for snacks, I saw people working out at Gym (Gym is just besides the cafeteria) and then quickly I made up my mind to do some 5-10 minutes of Running and then treat myself with some Food. Yes, I ran for 13 minutes on this Sunday (M70 – M4W13D36), alternating between high and low speeds on the Treadmill. I then moved out to grab some(2) (protein-rich) eggs and a Glass of juice and bread-butter Jam…It was a bit heavy though. After signing-off from work (for the day), I walked all the way to home (a distance of approx 4 Kms), just to digest the (heavy) snacks (rather dinner).

4th Week of the Year begins tomorrow onwards. Time flies like any thing. Making best use of time is the key and Sincerely Valuing Time more than money will make us do that.

My Journey to attaining a fit-toned Physique (free from unnecessary fat) continues…..

See you tomorrow!!

Good Night.

Narendra Gupta