Wed/Thu, 27/28 March 2013; 11:30pm
Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata, WB
Hope you had a nice Holi celebration with your family and friends. I had no option but felt the excitement of Holi over the phone when I was talking with my loved ones. 
A little while ago, I was watching a free webinar on writing books. It was an interview with noted motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy, related to a course on  “How to write a Book and become a published Author” . It encouraged me one step further in my Vision (and Goal) of writing a Book oneday (for sure). Here is the Link for you to motivate yourselves to writing a book. 
Once again, on this public forum I make yet another commitment:
“I will write a book which will be published in the next 5 years time” ……Narendra Gupta                                         
  Time of Commitment: 11:58pm,27 March 2013.
  Deadline: 11:58pm, 27 March 2018
Well!, let me confess at this stage, I do not have any idea what will be the title of my book without much clarity on the contents, though I wish to bring positive and meaningful changes in the lives of thousands, possibly millions of people around the world. I will come up more on this later.
Okay, moving on, the latest update is..I landed safely in Kolkata today. It was a holiday on account of the festival of colors, Holi here (and not in Bangalore). Kolkata welcomed me with a temperature of 33 Degree Celsius and some real hot winds :). Lets see how the next few days are going to unfold. Mission 70 is into its final week, only 4 days remaining. I look forward to working out for the first time on the Kolkata soil, need to meet my goal of minimum 3 days of workout this week.
Tomorrow I meet people with whom I had been working for 4 months virtually, talked (over voip, mobile, landline) chatted (over the online messenger) with them for each single day but never saw them in person. I am going to meet my Team based out of Kolkata tomorrow. I feel happy about it. Hope they would be equally excited as I am.
Signing off for today. See you tomorrow.
Good Night. Keep Winning.  
Narendra Gupta