Thur/Fri, 07/08 Feb 2013; 11:55pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Another memorable day is passing by. I am here again to share my experiences with this beautiful day of my Life, to express my Gratitude towards this day and to Thank GOD for giving me one more learning, exciting, and a day full of energy and also keeping me alive one more day. Thank you GOD.
This morning called my Parents to learn that Maa was down under fever. I also learnt their financial need which came out of my Papa’s words, though he didn’t demand for it directly. I had transferred some money to his account last week after my payment which was all used up due to their (various) needs (and rightly so). He was complaining about my elder brother who lives some distance away from them (my Parents) but doesn’t come to see them or does not offer much help even in times of need. Due to multiple financial commitments (especially after fulfilling my costly dream of study abroad) all these months, most of my salary goes towards my education loan repayment and then you know how costly it is to live in a town like Bangalore. My two elder brothers are well-settled and they have family, they all are good in their own way and I love and have at most respect for them. Some one has rightly said, “We do not see the world as it is, but we see the world as we are”. So what I might be saying, thinking is entirely the product of my inner conscience, my inner world. This immediate brother of mine now thinks ‘everyone is selfish, even my Parents are’. So he wants to help anyone the least keeping it within him and his family (his Wife and his two daughters), he doesn’t even (want to) speak with us. The story was altogether different an year ago, major credit goes to my Bhabhi Jee (with all respect). My eldest brother is far more helpful but has his limitations as well. He sees the money side, and believes in NAME, if he does small thing, he would tell it to everyone what he did as if he wants to listen to his noble (not, really) deeds (time and again)
With no grudge, no complaints against my brothers, least help comes from them to my Parents. Whenever I listen to my Papa of his needs (he bluntly tells it, which is good, I used to tell him the same way when I was a kid), I just cannot live without doing something about it (transferring money immediately, did it today as well). Call of duty as a son is and will be always heavier than any other duty. I was in a fix this morning when he said his woes, since financially this month is going tough for me as well (Due to some LIC premium amount payments).  Nevertheless I pray to GOD give me the strength and enough endurance to pass through these tough time and give me enough to help my Parents in all possible ways I can. O Dear God, please provide me (through out my life) with the right frame of mind to serve my Parents selflessly (for ever). Maa is feeling better now….
I wanted to share it since I was in a completely double minded situation where other financial commitments were pressing over the need to serve my Parents. and as per me I took the right decision though will have to suffer some losses on Credit Card interests :). But then everything for Parents. Love you Maa, Paa.
Okay moving forward… This week recuperating from cold and the mild fever, I am enjoying my rest from workouts. At office it was fun plus work day. Wished the Birthday Girl, Divya, a very Happy Birthday, also wished her all the best in her professional and personal life. I was impressed with her reply that she is happy and content with what she has. She works hard and has won many awards in this small tenure of work life. She is persuing her MS along side working for the organisation. 
I left early (at 8, yes seeing the everyday time) from office and enjoyed cooking and eating my dinner, hot-hot ‘chapatis’ with potato fry and milk.
Apologies for making it longer than usual. Hope you are doing good in your lives and serving your parents in whatever way you can.
“Parents are Greater than Equal to God.”…………..Narendra Gupta
Narendra Gupta