Wednesday, 17th Oct 2012; 10:50 pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
I started the day with Sahaja Yoga for 8-10 minutes. At office couple of good things happened with one not so good experience, will share that first. 
I had been observing the activities of one of the team members in project who imposed himself as the boss. Today his behavior went out of limit and I had to say STOP. Being humble is good but being submissive is a SIN. He had been calling me and others for last 4-5 days at his desk; simply pinging on the chat messenger ‘come here’ with no courtesy in words whatsoever with the only intent to show him as BOSS.  He is a simple colleague handling one of the modules like I am. His behaviors with others are equally bad and everyone is pissed off with him though they do not speak openly.  Today when he called pinging one of the other colleagues, I simply said NO. Then he called on phone and asked to come for he needed some status updates, I simply replied “I am busy, I won’t come now”. I had already updated status to my manager the previous day. He is the so called ‘chamcha’ of manager. I raised this issue in the team meeting and made everyone know that his behavior was unacceptable to me and he better understand that.  
The way I handled the issue may not be perfect but then that is how I am. I cannot simply live under suppression of any wrong person, the right people do not suppress. Anyway, the Good thing today was the news of 1stNovember 2012 as a Holiday by one of the office friends. And the second happy news of the day was:
Yes, after a long wait, I got the Gym membership, although h’ve to pay 300 bucks just for 3 days this month. But then, Anything for Fitness!
Good Night to all my friends and well wishers
Take Good Care of yourself
Narendra Gupta
Saturday,17th Oct 2012; 11:10pm.