Tuesday, 16th Oct 2012; 10:45 pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

It was an easy going day at office. Prithvi, one of the new joinee in Project brought Prasadam, he had visited temples in Mysore last weekend. The delicious ladoos made my day, in fact,  am very fond of sweets. While there was least to work, I used the day to finish some of my unofficial and pending works. It started with calling the Karbonn Mobile Customer Care. They have a bad customer service and that I can say with the kind of response I received from the Executive on Call. She was not sure about the no. of available service centers and their whereabouts. She gave me the wrong info which I could trace after I checked their website.  Come on, when you are interacting with your customer, you are representing your organization, should be responsible enough to give the right info at the least. I had bought a low cost karbonn phone after I lost my Nokia smart phone in a BMTC Bus two months ago. Just 2 months and the Phone has issues with its audio system, that’s where Brand comes heavier.
Later in the day, I called up the Guy who repaired my old laptop and had charged heavily for his services. Despite this, the laptop is not shutting down properly. Called him but he had his own excuses to escape like He is out of city, you give me call in the evening and I will send some executive, only to find that his phone was unreachable at that time. Service? Where is genuine and selfless service lost in India? Anyways, finished couple of other tasks in the meantime.
The mainstay of the day was Madhuri, a girl going to get married soon. It is good to see her doing all preperations for her wedding – drafting e-invitation, preparing maps, lists of guests, calling each of her friends, ensuring she doesn’t misses any.  She is undergoing the RCT treatment for her teeth this week. She says, I just want to get my swollen cheeks alright, for the camera and people focus remains on the bride. Wao! Good to see her energy, enthu. Pain takes U- turn when you have bigger things ruling the mind.
Yes, Breaking my procrastination,today initiated for my membership in Gym to accomplish M-70., Not successful though, non-availability of seats in the arena 🙁
Narendra Gupta
16th Oct 2012, 11:20 pm