Wednesday, 24 July 2013; 10:20pm
Kestopur, Kolkata, WB

I feel exhausted after day’s work. Don’t feel like writing much today. Will share some golden words from Robin Sir’s ‘The Leader who had no Title’ which I was reading today.

“In this materialistic world, we chase titles, fast cars, and big bank accounts in a search for greatness when, in truth, all that we really want we already have. The excellence and happiness we crave is inside of us. We are looking for it all in the wrong places: in position, in social status, and in things like net worth. But before you know it, each one of us will be dust. And the street sweeper gets buried next to the CEO. And titles, prestige, and university degrees don’t matter much at the end. All that truly counts is whether you grew into all you could have been and whether you showed leadership by using your potential to positively contribute to the lives of other human beings. And it all begins within. So your absolute best can shine.”
At work, I received appreciation from Management for my initiative to train the Kolkata team on SAP modules. MJ (My Manager, Mr. Mrutyunjay Biswal, everyone call hims by this name) asked to make the session more interactive and help build a strong team. This is going to be a challenging task, however I am equally excited about this training. This is the first of its kind for such a big team as far as I as a Trainer is concerned. In the evening I mentored Aviroop, the talented junior who was seeking advice on studying abroad.  In the evening I raised request for my team of 11 members for IT assets movement on a business requirement. Also, I voluntarily assisted the medical segment team in their data fulfillment and issue resolution.
In personal life, it was another milestone day for my baby (and for Me and Wifey) when she started standing on her own with little support for the first time ever.My sweet little darling is learning to walk now. Love you Beta..
With this I call it a day. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.
Narendra Gupta