Tuesday, 23 July 2013; 10:30pm
Kestopur, Kolkata, WB

Today I start by quoting lines from the book The Leader who had no title by Mr. Robin Sharma which I found so fascinating and real, wanted to share with you all. Here I go..

“Be Awesomely nice. Being nice isn’t being weak. Please don’t confuse kindness with weakness. Leaders without title brilliantly balance being compassionate with being courageous. Being friendly with being firm. Being sincere with being strong. Yes, they definitely put people and relationships first. But no one is saying they don’t demand the highest performance, the largest commitment, and the most spectacular results. They manage to be tender and tough at the same time. That’s a rare balance point to get right . But with the dedication and Practice, you will get there.”
These lines are an eye opener for the people who think that nicer people are always the weaker ones and they cannot be good leaders. Well! not really.
After spending some quality time with my kid and Wifey, I left for office at 8:30am. At office I attended the 3 hour training on “How to say no and yet maintain customer service”. It was a nice and helpful session where I learnt the nuances of saying NO politely and in the best possible way. I met two freshers who had just finished their PRP and DRP training after joining. They took my contact details and requested to look for any opening in the organization. Later, they mailed their Resume and I replied affirmatively, telling will do best to help them. Their innocence and energy was something extremely good to see and feel. At office, I wished one of my co-worker, Ruchi, a very Happy Birthday. She distributed ice-cream to each one of us. In afternoon, seeing the low volume of work, I read my most favorite book ever in order to keep my target of finishing it this week. It has been pending for several months (possibly more than 8 months).  Am loving this book more than anything. Yes, issued 2 new books from Library ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Mr. Robert Kiyoski. and the other one called ‘A gift to my Children’ by Jim Rogers, added to my library. 
My journey of struggles, of Giving, of Losing, of Winning, of Compassion, of Passion, of dedication, of defeats, of successes, of chasing my dreams continues. Life is wonderful, and I am passionately enjoying it. Hope you too are enjoying in full flow.
Good Night. Many Hugs and Sweet Memories. with Love,
Narendra Gupta