Monday, 22 July 2013; 9:15pm
Kestopur, Kolkata, WB

My heartiest greetings to each one of you reading me today. Hope you had a wonderful Monday to start a very new, a very fresh, and a very colorful week ahead. To those who felt rusty, lazy and the weekend hang-over, come on guys, you had enough of rest, now its time, its opportunity to give your absolute best.
Daily Gratitude is the section where I write about how I spent my day, key learning and how did I make positive difference in the lives of people living around, there by making my life worth while. Well! Today I started my day at 5:30am, read (The Robin Sharma book) for 30 minutes followed by (spending) some quality time with Sanskriti, my darling daughter and Wifey before I left for office. 
At work, I helped my juniors file IT returns, they were doing it for the first time. I lifted the confidence of my juniors by mentoring them properly and started to prepare the documents for the Training I will be providing the Testing team next month. It is going to be a big challenge and I must deliver my best  here. 
I stop right here and shift to reading, reading the best book in my life so far..
Good Night. Will Connect with you tomorrow.
Narendra Gupta