Friday, 24 May 2013; 10:30pm
Rabindrapally, Krishnapur, Kolkata

While I am still recuperating from my illness, have been on rest since last one week, I utilized this period to read 2 self-empowerment books. The first of the two books is called ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull – a story’ by Richard Bach and the second one is the classic ‘As you think’ by James Allen written over 100 years ago. Both these books carry extremely powerful messages. I will soon come up with the Book Reviews for these two books and I highly recommend each one of you reading me today reading these books. 
Before I call it a day, I am sharing few lines from ‘As you Think’; Page 44;
You will be what you  will be
Let failure find its false content 
In that poor word “environment”
But spirit scorns it, and is free.
It masters time, it conquers space,
It cows that boastful trickster, Chance
And bids the tyrant circumstance
Uncrown, and take a servant’s place
The human Will, that force unseen,
The offspring of a deathless Soul,
Can hew a way to any goal,
Though walls of granite intervene
Be not impatient in delay,
But waits as one who understands;
When spirits rises and commands,
The gods are ready to obey.
Absolutely stunning! isn’t it?
Good Night 
Narendra Gupta