Wednesday, 20 March 2013; 10pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

I feel completely satisfied and happy after my dinner, my self-prepared dinner, ‘aloo-kela ki sabji with gravy’, ‘chawal’ and ‘special aam ka achar’, special, because its prepared by Naani Jee (wifey’s Granny). After sticking to Rujuta’s four eating principles, I have been feeling hungry regularly and more importantly, have been keeping well without gaining any extra weight. I once again Thank you, Rujuta for your lovely gift of insights on the right eating habit. I have already recommended it to Wifey and my family members. For those of you who are not familiar to these principles, I write it here once again. You may read my book review for more details (

The Four Principles of eating right: 

Principle 1: Never Wake up to Tea or Coffee:
Principle 2: Eat every 2 hours 
Principle 3: Eat more when you are more active and less when you are less active
Principle 4: Finish your last meal at least 2 hours before sleeping.  

In personal life, it was just an okay day, I was in a state of dilemma over my next assignment and possible clash between my vertical and horizontal managers. Well, I hope for the best. I gave rest to my body today which was paining a bit (in fact, paining a lot) since yesterday. As updated yesterday, I have purchased a few more books with my increased obsession for reading. I will be taking a mini break from my daily gratitude pages sometimes later this month kick starting my marathon reading sessions.

With love, Almighty’s Blessings and Best Wishes,

Narendra Gupta