Sat/Sun, 05/06 Jan 2013;12:45am
Electronic City, Bangalore

Meri Maa….
Today (Saturday) was my Mom’s Eye surgery for the Cataract that had developed due to her old age. Thank you God, Surgery went successful. I pray for my GOD’s (Mom’s) speedy recovery after the operation. Only then, surgery in her other eye would be done (possibly after a month). These are the times when I must be with my Parents, taking care of them every single moment, standing aside the O.T, extending every single (small and big) service that I could. I feel so angry over self, due to job-commitments and far-off place (from home), I have not been able to serve my Parents in times of need. 
I  spend the day in complete harmony with self, though got disturbed after reading many more news of rapes and sexual assault over women. When will the men in country understand that a family, a society and the country will progress and develop only when Women are RESPECTED. They are the ones’ who give us birth, we must, must respect women and promote equality in society. This evening shared my thoughts and anger on the ongoing crisis with Murali, I said there must be ZERO TOLERANCE by women in such cases.
In order to reduce my Tea and Coffee intake at office (one of my resolutions for 2013), I bought GREEN TEA today. They are rich in anti-oxidants and help in cholesterol control and burning fat, overall they help in maintaining good health.
Calling it a day now, Good Night Everyone!
Narendra Gupta