Friday, 07th Nov 2012; 11:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
Yesterday’s incidence kept lingering in my subconscious mind last night and early morning today. I got up late and with a headache. I was in state of despair for some period.
Well!…I cannot be in that state for long (I have no right to be…my family deserves a much better Narendra, for what they have given me…) I decided to start fresh once again and stay focused on work. Other things will make its way. Though it was not a very productive day, things have started taking shape. Also, yesterday’s anger of mine worked positively for our team. It is a very challenging project and I see it as an immense learning opportunity. And I am going to take the maximum out of this Project.
Moving on, I skipped Gym today and have decided to take rest next 2 days as well which means, only  two days of workout this week (violating the minimum benchmark set by me of 3 days every week for M-70). I would be making up for this in the subsequent week and that’s a commitment (To be evaluated in Week 8).
I have been an admirer of Arnav Goswami, the editor in chief of Times Now TV channel. This evening was watching his ‘Newhour’ program. I am really impressed by the way he represents the common man, how he completely involves himself and fearlessly challenges the dirty politicians who are menace to society. I dedicate this day to Arnav, who is using the media power in the best possible way. 
Good Night
Narendra Gupta