Friday, 09 August 2013; 10:17pm
Kestopur, Kolkata, WB

Enough of laziness, enough of procrastination, enough of feeling weak and helpless, and enough of waiting for the right moment. Yes, I had enough of all those negative things. Not any more. and it all happened. One fine Sunday….

Sunday, 04 August 2013 carries a special importance in my life. And I say this for two reasons. Firstly, I resumed my workouts by joining a local gym near here in Kestopur. And with this, broke jinx of almost 3 months after relocating to Kolkata. Earlier after shifting to the city of Joy in May, I had fallen down under fever, was hospitalized for 4 days, and then went on a month long medical rest. I never fell 100 % fit until that time. It’s been 4 days of workouts since Sunday and I am feeling much better. I love moving my body parts, sweating out and gaining more of endorphins, the feel good hormones. These days I am reading the book ‘Spark’ by John Ratey and Eric Hagermann, which stresses the need to exercise to increase functioning of the brain cells.
Secondly, this Sunday I finished reading the most favorite book in my lifetime yet, ‘The Leader who had no title’ after a period of almost 6 months. I adore this book and the writer, Mr. Robin Sharma for all the splendid revelations for building great leaders, he has made in the book. I will soon come with a review for this masterpiece.
Inspired by one of the lessons in the book, this Sunday, I also committed to get up at 5 am everyday and invest it in building leadership and exercising. 
The best gift Robin has given me with the book is “I have shifted from victim-hood to leadership.” Will pen more on this precious gift in my book review. 
While I have not been consistent in writing on my daily gratitude pages, I have started on a few good things I feel happy about. Yes, another highlight of the week was the training on ‘listening skills’ at office. The training was titled ‘Listening for understanding and Communicating for Commitment’. This day I realized how important and how big a role listening plays in powerful communication. In order to become a powerful speaker, I must become a superb listener. I am so thankful to the Trainer, Mr Sudipto Mukherjee for sharing all those powerful insights. Thank You Sudipto! Interestingly, I met a lady having similar interests and passion like  mine.
I will soon restructure my blog, possibly with a new name and introducing articles under new labels, as well. I may not be write on my daily gratitude pages on a daily basis focusing on more of reading these days. With this I call it a day. 
But before I go to bed, another spoon of motivation for me (and you all):
“Resisting the opportunities that change brings is a tragic way to live. And the saddest way to die”
                                                                                                                           Robin Sharma.
Happy Weekend to all of you.
Narendra Gupta
09 August 2013; 11:57pm