Thursday, 01 August 2013; 11:15am
Kestopur, Kolkata, WB

The past 3 days have been completely engaging with days at work commencing at 9 am and ending at 10 in the evening. I deliberately skipped blogging for past 2 days taking break from electronic media after long days at work and always facing the 14″ screen.

While I keep trying to inspire lives and lift up people, sometimes I personally feel the need to inspire myself. I am missing  my workouts badly. Once again I have fallen into the habit of complaining, am trapped by procrastination. Seriously need to do something Narendra!!

In professional life thing are moving at a tortoise pace. Nothing adventurous!
In personal life, am enjoying my moment I spend with my little kid who will be one year old this 16th August.  I can tell you the moment spent with you family is the most cherished moment in your lives. Love and highly respect your loved one. Please, please don’t (never) take them for granted.

Before I go to sleep, let me share this poem of resilience, poem to boost up your (and mine) spirits.
The poem was written by none other than Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Hope you like it.

Good Night and Lots of Love.
Narendra Gupta