Thursday,01st Nov 2012;9:00pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Yet another exciting day of Life passes by….and I continue living with all my imperfections with all joy and happiness, I embrace LIFE like I embrace WIFE 🙂

Once again, would start with the weather here in Bangalore, It’s been raining for almost 48 hours now, probably the effect of Lady Neelam, ‘the cyclone’, which has hit the coastal regions of TN and Andhra…. It was a holiday at office owing to the Karnataka formation day and this holiday could not have come at a better time when it is raining incessantly and temperature had dipped down a bit making a perfect stay home situation, wrapped inside your blanket.

Spent major part of the day talking with family members away home. As a child, in my early days, I believed in an ideal world and always expected hunky-dory kind of situations in life. Relationship do keep on changing with time, some are for good but for some, you don’t want the change to happen…but over which you don’t have enough control.


Kitne kushgwar bann jate hain wo rishte,
Barson mehnat se jo tarashe jate hain,

Hath chhil jate hain, aankhen sehar jati hain,

Var hathorohh ke senne pe khaye jate hain.

Uph na karke jo dil mein jhajab hota hain,

Dard ko dard ke marhum lagaye jate hain.

Tu sahi rah pakar aur usi pe chalta chal,

Log bhatak bhatak ke isi raste pe aate hai.

Karde apne aap ko tu usi ke hawale,

Log jisse khuda ya alampanah batatte hain 
                                                                               (Sukhbinder Singh,
Planned my Budget for the November month immediately after my mobile beeped with the ‘salary received’ message, this afternoon. Treated myself by preparing garma-garam ‘Pyaji Pakodas’ in the evening and then gifted self with an evening-walk under the umbrella when rain-god was pampering us with soft drizzle…

Subhratri, GudNite, Sabbakher

P.S.  M70 Updates: Looking forward for M70-W2D7 tomorrow – When Exercise Set 2 by Jack Braniff is scheduled.