Sunday, 24 March 2013; 11:40pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Another day, when I pursued my passion. This Feb and March, when I went on a trip to Home, along with loads of beautiful memories, I brought with me, my First Personal Diary in which I wrote from the Year 1999-2002. The specialty about this Diary is that it includes the only 8 Poems I had written in this period. The Poet in me went on a deep and long slumber after 2002 as I went for my Engineering studies in 2003 followed by Job and then again my Master’s studies in 2011. Well!…I feel like writing Poems again, the poet in me is slowly awakening, though it will take time before I publish my poems in current era. I however will publish my Poems I wrote as a school going kid soon. Today I scanned the soft copy my first ever Poem titled ‘सचिन तू महान है’ which I wrote in the Year 1997. Stay tuned!!

Apart from this, I was invited for lunch by my entrepreneur friend and neighbor, Dileep. Special recipe was fish curry. Loved the food prepared by Bhabhi. Thanks to Dileep and Bhabhi for all that hospitality. 
My Baby doll, as she is growing, I feel elated to hear her small developments and few of her mischief activities. Today, Sanskriti spilled water filled in a jug kept near to her, tore the cover page of the Newspaper before her Nana Jee could read it… 🙂
Looking forwards for a fruitful Monday..
Good night to all my Friend and Readers
Narendra Gupta
11: 50 pm