Monday, 25 March 2013; 10:00pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

I am into the final week of What I call the First Phase of M-70. I felt somewhat lethargic and lacked energy to hit the Gym today. This afternoon, met my Practice Head to discuss regarding my future assignment and role. He encouraged to take bigger and challenging roles, to lead a bigger team. He is a cool headed person who encourages people. In spite of his higher position and much bigger responsibilities, he gives time and listens to individual’s concerns empathetically. Well, I am thankful to Anil for his mentorship.
Today I, yet again make a public commitment that this might be my Final Year at Wipro and a lot depends on my Compensation Hike this appraisal cycle. Wipro deserves me or not will be known in a few months time. 
I stop it here, will devote some time towards reading before I sleep.
Good Night