Month: June 2014

Employee Motivation

Instant Inspiration, the weekly capsules of inspiration Warm Greetings to Everyone, My today’s Blog focuses on the importance of Employee Motivation which is so vital to the growth of an Organization. Understanding an Organization takes time and is a gradual process. One of my Leadership Mentor and Author of Start with Why, Simon Sinek says ‘when people are financially invested, they want a return but when people are emotionally invested they want to contribute.’  Eminent Marketing and Organizational Advisor, Sybil Stershic in her book, Taking Care of the People who matter mostconfirms ‘The way your employees feel is the way...

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Rejection Therapy

Instant Inspiration, the weekly capsules of inspiration Greetings to Each one of you,  This weekend while watching a Ted Talk by Jia Jiangon ‘Surprising Lessons from 100 days of Rejection’, I came across this powerful concept of Rejection Therapy. It was a kind of eureka moment for me and a perfect answer to dealing with my fear of failures. In one of my previous blogs I had shared ideas on Failing Forward, today; I share with you my insights from the video and the series of related articles that I read thereafter. What is Rejection Therapy? Rejection Therapy is...

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A Love Letter to my Wife

Celebrating four years of oneness “Show me a man who is smiling from ear to ear and living a beautiful life, and I will show you a man who is grateful for what he has and utterly in love with his wife” – Fawn Weaver Dakshineshwar Temple, Kolkata, June 21, 2013 My Sweetest Pal,   Today is our fourth wedding anniversary and as it has been earlier on two occasions (out of four), I am away, thousands of miles away from you (physically though). Coincidentally, it is the 200th day I saw you last. My crazy, my larger than...

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INR 86,400 in your Bank Account Everyday.

Instant Inspiration, the weekly capsules of inspiration INR 86,400 in your Bank Account Everyday   A very Good Morning to Each one of you,  I hope you are in high spirits and working with supreme passion.  Be it Coding, Testing, Reporting, or whatever; just attack your work. Get the better of your work and Let the work not overwhelm you. Instead of complaining about things and nature of your work, work to make a difference. Be accountable, take responsibility and assume ownership. I am so thankful to everyone who have filled my inbox with your words of encouragement in...

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7 Habits

Instant Inspiration, the weekly capsules of inspiration Friends, I hope you are in great health taking care of your GOD like Parents, valuing and rejoicing your loved ones, understanding their importance in your Life, always smiling, serving and helping people to the best you can, encouraging and uplifting Lives all-around and importantly living a life of meaning. I say this because many of us major on minor things. What’s the point in climbing a big mountain so passionately when after reaching the summit; you realize, you were meant to climb a different one. Enjoy the beauty in small things....

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