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This weekend while watching a Ted Talk by Jia Jiangon ‘Surprising Lessons from 100 days of Rejection’, I came across this powerful concept of Rejection Therapy. It was a kind of eureka moment for me and a perfect answer to dealing with my fear of failures. In one of my previous blogs I had shared ideas on Failing Forward, today; I share with you my insights from the video and the series of related articles that I read thereafter.
What is Rejection Therapy?
Rejection Therapy is a self-empowerment game created by Jason Comely where being rejected by another person or group is the only winning condition. The Player of the game may attempt any kind of social rejection or go for a suggestion from one of the rejection therapy suggestion cards. The game can be played for any period of time, although many undertake the 30 day challenge.  The purpose of playing this game is to overcome the fear of rejection through controlled, forced, exposure which helps the players to adapt physically to the stresses of rejection.  Please read here for more details.
Jia Jiang’s 100 days of Rejection Therapy:
In pursuit of his entrepreneurial dream, after Investors turned down his startup, Jia went on a quest to get turned down once a day for 100 days. He makes 100 crazy requests to get rejected and in the process desensitize himself from the pain of rejection and overcome his fear. Please read a detailed account here.
Narendra, what is here to learn?
Rejection is essential …umm..rather indispensable if we want to accomplish something worthwhile. Rejection horrifies most of us and paralyzes us to settle for average. Friends, today I inspire you to come out of the herd of average, it’s okay to get rejected, it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to be laughed at, it’s perfectly okay to be ridiculed, for every rejection, every failure increases the boundary of our beliefs, thoughts and ideas and opens up doors for a bigger success.
Despite the power of learning from Rejections, the crazy thing is that often what we assume will be a obvious “no” becomes an excited “yes”. And with that ‘yes’, a whole new possibility unfolds; a small idea becomes a big business.  It turns out that the more successful you are, the more rejections you will experience and vice-versa. Rejection Therapy manifests that Rejection can be the catalyst for personal success and business domination. I hope today’s email inspires you to have an altogether different perspective when you are rejected the next time. I would love to know your views.
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Narendra Gupta
I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat. – Sylvester Stallone