My Classics: Poem Corner

Hello!! You beautiful, generous, sweet, kind-hearted, and big-hearted people on earth. Hope you are doing great and leading a life of purpose. Hope you are valuing your loved ones and relations more than all those materialistic things. Hope that you are Living and Loving Life.
I took a long break from my blog ever since I moved to Kolkata. A lot has happened in the past two months, will share my experiences shortly. Living with family and loved ones is really, really very special and pleasing, although its very challenging to find time for reading and writing, my two personal interests I have developed in recent times. I have always believed life is full of adventures, you never know what challenge lies the very next moment. Will share the adventures I went through in my next blog.
Today, I present to you my eighth and the last poem I had written in my early years. Interestingly this was my maiden english poem. One request, please don’t go on grammar, there may be some mistakes here and there ( बस भावनाओं को समझो!). So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, here is my eighth poem on my dreams straight from the pages of my first journal.

Someday I dream, Someday I dream…



Life is the most beautiful thing, God and our Parents have provided us with. Come on, Lets LIVE!.

Take a very good Care of yourselves, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL!

Narendra Gupta 
Monday; 08th July 2013; 12:25am.